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     Growing up a city girl, life in the country was only but a dream.  Horses and cows were something to see only on a car ride.  Traveling the world opened my mind and pallet.  It wasn’t until living in Japan that I realized how different it was to eat seasonally as well as locally.  My body could truly taste and feel the difference.

     Moving back to the states I met my cowboy. Life shifted in the most amazing way. Creating a life only imagined was unfolding right in front of me.

     Land, cows, horses, and the greatest dog on Earth all awaited me.  At last I landed where I could give back to our planet and truly learn to be self-sufficient.

     Starting out with only a dozen head of cattle and a fifth wheel to live in, we began to build our “empire”.  Fences were built, our ecosystem was planted, pastures lined up, an arena was created, and then finally a home.

     Our herd increased in number and the desire for people to know their food source came with that as well.

     Our cows have quite a life.  Roaming free during spring, summer, and fall. Filling their bellies on rich, green grass.  Sipping water from natural springs and finding shade under groves of aspen, and pine trees. Never experiencing the stress that feed lot cattle do.

     They ingest only what a cow would naturally. Grass in the warm months and hay in the winter. Even in the chilly months, Browning Ranch provides a spacious, rocky, timbered area for our cattle. Keeping the water and mud at bay. Its no wonder our beef tastes the way it does.  


     Browning Beef is better, try it for yourself.

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