Browning Beef, is there anything else? For me, the thought of purchasing a full side of beef for myself and my family was a monumental thought to process. Where will I store all this beef, and will I be disappointed? 


It was October of 2018 when I purchased my first side of beef from Browning Beef. To date, August of 2019, the payoff and health benefits I have undergone have been immeasurable. Without a doubt, Browning Beef is the BEST source of beef I have ever had the pleasure of putting in to my body. Every time I consume a portion of their beef, I feel extraordinary. I have already placed my second order for an additional side of beef this fall.


In today’s world, it is nearly impossible to find a clean, healthy source of protein that has been sustainably raised with minimal impact to the environment. That describes Browning Beef to the T. 


Its comforting to know the importance that Browning Beef places on the quality and health of their animals, 100% of the time. Happy Cows, as one would describe it. Yet bread to be resilient, defensive and caring of their young. All the traits and tributes of a wild animal and not that of a domestic cow. I whole heartedly endorse and stand behind Browning Beef for the rest of my life here in the Northwest and for as long as they continue to do what they do, bring an incredible source of healthy, grass fed, Omega 3 rich protein in to my family’s home.


Thank you Browning Beef, for all that you do in support of ensuring our community can work to remain healthy and vibrant.


Ron Hubble & Bridget Gies

Spokane, WA 

My name is Julie Johnson, and I grew up in Sunnyside Washington on a 20-acre farm where my dad raised Angus cows and sold them for beef. We always had a freezer full of fresh ground beef and steaks. I had no idea how good I had it, until I grew up and my parents sold the farm.  


Fast Forward 30 years, and now I live in Valleyford WA. Luckily I met Frankie Browning and began buying beef from Browning Beef for the last 4 years.  I honestly had forgotten how much better beef can taste when cows are raised right and the time is invested in producing a quality product. I had been purchasing my beef at the grocery store and often wondered what that pink sludge was that I was trying to fry up in the pan.  Now I make sure I always have a freezer stocked full of Browning Beef, because I never want to run out. I share Browning beef with my son and daughter –in-law in Idaho as well.  All my recipes taste better when I use Browning Beef. The quality is unmatched. 






"Initially I purchased Browning Beef simply as a healthier alternative to the mystery meat found at the grocery store. After trying Browning Beef, there was simply no turning back.  Not only do I have the peace of mind knowing I'm feeding my family a healthy choice, but the flavor is amazing.


At one point we were out of Browning Beef and settled for store bought grass fed beef.  We were surprised how displeasing the texture and flavor was.  We have been spoiled to say the least! Now, I make sure we are well-stocked with this wonderful beef!"

-Casi Gronenthal, Real Estate Broker, EvoReal -

Spangle, Wa 99031



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