Why Local?

Why Our Beef? Why Local?



Better Health

Browning Beef cows are grass fed.  They are never given hormones or antibiotics.  They consume only what nature intended…delicious green grass, hay, and water from year round streams and springs.


Better Taste

Our beef is a longhorn cross breed.  These animals are lean by nature.  Having a stress free life means less cortisol in their system; the natural lack of cortisol creates a tender, delicious tasting meat.  The sheer leanness of our beef almost dictates a drop of oil in the pan before browning it. Imagine that!


Climate Change

Sometimes we ask, what can we possibly do about climate change?  Eating locally makes a huge difference.  According to the Leopold center for sustainable agriculture, the average food item on our dinner table travels 1500 miles.  Buying Browning Beef eliminates the need for gas guzzling transportation hence lightens your global footprint.

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